How to get your own custom piece...



For a custom design I'd like to meet with you where the piece will be installed. This helps me to get a feel for the room, the flow of traffic, lighting, decor and measurments.


I draw up your idea, or if you don't have one I consider the surroundings and atmosphere where the piece will be displayed. A rough sketch is presented to you and we modify it or move on to the next step where I recreate it digitally. At this phase I am able to give an estimate on the project.



This is the fun part, watching the design come to life!

dungeontoads-puzzle piece stagefees layout-pre foil application

You are always welcome to stop by and see your piece while it is in it's various stages.

In this stage I cut and grind the glass to fit together like a puzzle. Wrap it in foil or lead and secure it into place.

The next step is framing.